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Many investors desire to make profit at the market floor but could not realize this, due to lack of proper knowledge of how the market operates , some due to lack of training. CCI traders is your best solution. Try us today and see the reason why thousands of investors subscribe to our services. Open an instaforex live account, Fund your account and register your account with us. Click Here to View Our Profit Table

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what We Do for you

investment planing

Decide on how much risk you are willing to take on an investment

fx account management

We manage your account incase you can not.

fx training

we train you on how to trade yourself if you so wish

binary option assistance

Also learn to make right decisions in Binary Options


See you through the learning curve

comodity trading

Learn to trade in commodities

SOME Important Statistics

Winning Trades
(US$) Profit Made

Latest Performance

Recent Trade Results

Order IDTypeitem Risk %Profit
120 buy EURUSD 5% $46,986
234 buy EURUSD 8% $18,980
110 Sell GBPUSD 4% $5,076
635 By Crude Oil (#CL) 10% $139,780
65 Buy Crude oil (#CL) 10% $76,564
564 Buy Crud oil (#CL) 5% $27,865

Our past performance is not a guarantee for our future results. Trading involve profits and losses due to speculative nature of market. We strongly recommend you read and have knowledge about the market's underlying asset types. Always remember to invest with less than 10% of your fund.