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Why Us

We provide an edge which could not be found anywhere else to aspiring traders and investors with in-depth oil market analysis. Many investors desire to make profit at the market floor but could not realize this, due to lack of proper knowledge of how the market operates some due to lack of training. CCI traders are your best solution. Try us today and see the reason why thousands of investors subscribe to our services. Open an instaforex live account, Fund your account and register your account with us.


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Risk warning: Online Trading and investment involves profits and losses due to speculative nature of market. It is possible to lose trading capital. We strongly recommend you read and have knowledge about the market's underlying asset types. You should carefully consider your financial situation and consult your financial advisors as to the suitability to your situation prior making any investment, trading or entering into any transactions. Always remember to invest and trade with less than 10% of your funds.
We publish only our winning trades, not all trade close at profit. Our past performance is not a guarantee for future results.