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Why Choose Us

CCI Traders provide an edge which cannot be found anywhere else to aspiring traders and investors with in-depth oil market analysis, and other instruments such as Forex and Indices. We also offer eligible high-net-worth individual and institutional investors the opportunity to trade their funds in our different portfolio management system. When it comes to fund management and trading,our commitment is towards achieving strong and sustainable long-term results for all those who trade with us. Apart from trading for yourself under CCI, we have different portfolios that can enable you earn from the global market without you trading by yourself.

Take on the market with our powerful platforms.

Earn unlimited profit on your personal portfolio

Decide on how much risk you are willing to take on an investment, Our consultants will see you through the learning curve. We manage your account incase you can not. We train you on how to trade yourself if you so wish.


Personal Portfolio

• Minimum Deposit $3000
• No Maximum
• 20% Performance fee
• No Signup Fee
• Average 70% win trade
• Average 10% Risk
• Minimum contract 1 day
• Maximum contract 1 week
• Fund fully control and access by you

Direct Portfolio

• Minimum Deposit $300
• Maximum Deposit $3000
• Up to 7% Profit return in 20 trading days
• No Signup Fee
• No Performance fee

PAMM Portfolio

• Minimum Deposit $100
• No Maximum
• 20% Performance fee
• No Signup Fee
• Fund fully controlled by you
• Average 10% Risk
• Minimum contract varies
• Maximum contract varies